Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How much do your lessons cost?  

A: Fees are £7.00 per lesson x how many lessons there are in a term.  This will be discussed before you book.

Q:  How many lessons are there in a term?

A:  This can vary from term to term. 

Q:  If my child is unable to attend their usual lesson can we swap lesson times?

​A:  If lessons are missed it is not our usual practice to swap children around to another lesson.  We don't usually have enough spaces in the other classes to do this and it is not good for learning especially if they have another teacher for the swapped lesson.  So we recommend the swimmers attend as many lessons as possible but understand this is not always possible. 

Q:  I have joined the wait list but how long will I have to wait until my child is allocated a space?

A: This depends upon what stage you require and how many people there are on the wait list in front of you.  All wait list information is detailed on our 'Wait List' page so please check there for further information.  The more flexible you can be with days and times the more likely you are to be allocated a space. 

Q: Will I be able to stay on poolside whilst my child is in their lessons?

A:We are unable to allow anyone to stay on poolside during lessons due to health and safety.

Q: Do you offer discount for siblings?

A:We do not offer any discounts.

Q: Can my child have a trial lesson before I commit to the term?

A: We do not offer trial lessons.

Q: What happens if my child starts lessons and does not want to continue to attend?

A: If your child does not want to attend their lessons please speak to us straight away so that we can work with you and your child to resolve any issues they have.