Anton Baker​​ - Swimming Instructor

Charlotte - Water Helper

This is Charlotte’s second year working at the pool.  Her interests include mainly sport and football along with listening to music.  During our swimming lessons she enjoys challenging the children and helping their progress.

Ciaran - Swimming Instructor

Ciaran is one of our swimming teachers and teaches Fridays and Saturdays.  Ciaran is currently studying maths, geography and biology at 6th form.  In his spare time he enjoys swimming and loves the rewarding work as a swimming teacher.  Outside of swimming and school Ciaran leads a busy life and greatly enjoys volunteering at a local cub pack once a week and is also a member of a competitive paintball team.


Chloe Martin - Swimming Instructor

Tracey is our administrator.  She is married with 2 children.  When not doing Admin for Little Dolphins she works part time in business operations for a postgraduate education training company and has another part time job as a PA to a speech and language therapist.  In her spare time she enjoys socialising, listening to music, watching films, watching football, walking and running.  She also enjoys knitting and crocheting.

Catherine is one of our swimming instructors and teaches on a Saturday morning.  She enjoys helping children to swim and giving them confidence in the water.  Outside of swimming Catherine enjoys keeping fit, going to the gym and socialising. 

Jess like swimming, running and acting.  She enjoys spending time with her family and her dog.


Jasmine - Water Helper

Ella has a dog called Amber and loves to walk her to school.  Her hobbies include swimming and acting.  Her favourite colour is blue. 

Kirrily - Water Helper

Jessica - Water Helper

Mason - Water Helper

Emily - Water Helper

Alisha is a very chatty person and has a passion for swimming.  In her spare time she likes to socialise with friends and family. 

Alisha - Water Helper

Catherine Brazil​​ - Swimming Instructor

Jasmine is a talkative person who enjoys swimming and working for Little Dolphins.  In her spare time she enjoys socialising with friends and family. 

Annie - Head Water Helper

When Chloe is not teaching swimming she works as a Learning Support Assistant in an SEN school.  In her spare time she enjoys relaxing and listening to music.  She loves swimming and is enthusiastic about teaching children to have the same love for water as she does. 

Annie likes to be creative, is very chatty and motivated.  She is passionate about swimming and has been swimming since a young age. 

Mason enjoys helping at little dolphins as he appreciates how important it is to learn to swim. He attends school during the week and in his spare time he enjoys going out with my friends, going to the gym and carp fishing.  

Morgan Bradford​​ - Swimming Instructor

Vicky Baker - Owner & Swimming Instructor

Ella - Water Helper

Finlay enjoys playing football and cycling.  He also enjoys swimming and likes to help children learn to swim and have fun.


​                            Meet the Team

Tracey Hayes - Pool Manager

Morgan is one of our swimming teachers and teaches Fridays and Saturdays.  Morgan will shortly be attending St Mary’s University to become a physical education teacher.  In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym and spending time with friends.  She enjoys teaching children how to swim as this is a life skill that everyone can enjoy throughout their life.

Finley - Water Helper

Tracey Marsh - Administrator

​​At Little Dolphins Swimming School, we have a small, friendly and professional team of enthusiastic staff. This goes from our Administration team, Swimming Instructors and the Poolside helpers.  It’s our team that makes Little Dolphins Swimming School such a great place to work and learn. Many of our colleagues have worked with us for over 10 Years.