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                               Our Policies, Terms & Conditions

At Little Dolphins Swimming School, we want to create the best environment for all of our learners.  That's why we have put together some information that we feel is very important .


All lessons are sold on a first come first served basis. Lesson spots are only reserved with payment.

It may be possible once a term has started, if spaces are available for other children to start their lessons.

Upon successful registration, we will require some details about your child to help safeguard whilst in our care.  All information requested is essential and any personal data is only kept for the term(s) your child is swimming with us. 

Refund Policy


Once we reserve one of our lesson places for your child, it becomes a space that we cannot use for other learners.  

Please ensure that you check your diaries before committing to Little Dolphins. If you find out that you are unable to attend the course with 2 weeks notice of the first date of term we will consider a full refund.  After this no refunds will be issued at all.

Please note: If we need to cancel a lesson a credit will be given against the following term or an alternative session will be added if possible (this will usually be during school holidays as this is the only time available to hold the make up session). We reserve the right to not give refunds, credits or additional lessons if lessons are cancelled due to reasons beyond control for example weather conditions or pool is not usable.  If the pool is open and usable we will hold lessons and we will not give any credits or refunds.

Changing Class Day/Time and Being on Time

Children learn best with consistency, therefore we do not allow the changing of classes once the term has started.

We want your child to be taught by the same instructor and within the same group in the same term.

Please note ALL children are required to be at lessons on time, if they are more than 10 minutes late they will not be permitted to attend the lesson, as this disrupts the class, so please be prompt. 

Confidentiality , Data Protection and Safeguarding

At Little Dolphins Swimming School, we collect and store information about all of our learners and staff to ensure appropriate action/steps are taken to make sure that no personal information is placed into the wrong hands.

All of the information that your provide is kept with STRICT confidence and is password protected to ensure no unauthorised access can be gained.

All of our Swimming Instructors have taken the steps to be qualified in the safe guarding of your child and will endeavour to keep them safe whilst in our care.

Multiple Lessons

You can purchase multiple terms as a way of saving money. This would mean that your child will be swimming Fridays and Saturdays.

A discount will be offered at the owners discretion.

Prices will depend on how many weeks are available in a term.

Tips for Parents

Please practice the skills your child has learnt by using any of the local swimming pools.

Goggles are not encouraged until the child has reached Stage 2. We want the child to get accustomed to the water contacting both face and eyes.

Group lessons focus on all skills for that particular level for the entire term.

If your child has been unwell, we recommend that they DO NOT attend their lesson until better. Please provide adequate notice to the admin team.


Please take your child to toilet before the lesson starts as the teacher and water helpers are unable to leave the swimming pool to take your child to the toilet and parents are not allowed on poolside. 

Please show up on time to all lessons each week and allow enough time for your child to get changed.  Late arrivals disrupt the class. 

Please ensure that your child DOES NOT eat at least an hour prior to their lesson.

Please ensure your child is wearing the appropriate swimwear. (Loose/baggy costumes make it harder for them to swim)

Please contact the admin team if you have any questions about anything (e.g. progress, skills in the levels etc). Your child's Instructor CANNOT be distracted. If you feel you need to let the Instructor know anything before a lesson, Please email us and we will contact the Instructor.

Please be patient. We want to be able to teach your child in the correct way to swim. We are helping your child to develop and progress , this will allow them a skill that will last a lifetime.

Your Children

Please keep an eye on your other children whilst on the premises of Brookfields School as due to health and safety the grounds will have vehicles coming and going. 

Please do not allow children to climb or cause danger to themselves or even the schools property.

Take your child swimming!​

This encourages your child to become accustomed to the water and gives them confidence whilst practicing what they have learnt during lessons.  As they say practice makes perfect!